Did you know skin is the largest organ of the body?

It's also one of the organs we often take for granted, not realising the significant role it plays in protecting us against external factors, including bacteria, chemicals, infections, toxins, trauma and ultraviolet (UV) rays.

In the healthcare world, skin care is of course crucial whether for patients or staff.

Hands are healthcare professionals’ most valuable tool. But wearing gloves every day, combined with the constant hand washing, scrubbing and sanitising to help reduce the transmission of germs can lead to dry, chapped skin.

Skin care is also very important for patient to avoid any moisture-associated skin damages (MASD).

Skin Care Regimen

Skincare regimenSkincare regimen

Recommended skincare regimen with different levels of barrier protection for patients who suffer from any moisture-associated skin condition.


Knowledge Base Articles

Clinician Hand CareClinician Hand Care

Clinician Hand Care

To ensure good patient care, healthcare professionals need to follow appropriate hygiene regulations, like frequent handwashing, which can cause skin irritation. It is important to raise awareness amongst the staff on how to improve skin condition and take good care of their hands.

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Pressure Ulcer Prevention

It is important for caregivers to understand what may cause pressure ulcers in order to prevent them. An effective prevention programme can help lower mortality rates and the costs of care.

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Influence of Biofilms in Wound Healing

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