Healthcare professionals have many challenges everyday and Medline strives to make your job easier and to help you perform at your very best.

Medline offers recommendations and guidelines to help healthcare providers deal with common issues in the facility. We take a look at situations that might occur in a healthcare facility and analyse the impact it can have on the patients, the staff and/or the facility. Medline also explores how we can help you solve and prevent the issues by providing advice and suggesting solutions and products for both patients and staff.

Our knowledge base categories are available for you to find out more about best practices and guidelines in the medical community.

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Skin & Wound CareSkin & Wound Care

Skin Health Solution is a three-pronged approach focussing on products, education and outcomes management. Medline’s education emphasises the application of knowledge into clinical practice, as well as the standardisation of care across all healthcare settings.



Falls PreventionFalls Prevention

Are you doing everything you can to protect your patients? The right products are critical to falls protection, but we know that products alone will not prevent all falls. That's why Medline goes beyond products and offers various initiatives to help prevent falls.


 Other Articles 

Choosing the Right Surgical and Exam GlovesChoosing the Right Surgical and Exam Gloves

Choosing the Right Surgical and Exam Gloves

Selecting the right gloves in hospitals can be challenging, especially considering allergy risks and differing requirements for use, comfort and overall performance. Our guide can help you evaluate exam and surgical glove options in order to select the right product and material.

Surgical Site Infection PreventionSurgical Site Infection Prevention

Surgical Site Infection (SSI) Prevention

SSIs are infections that can be acquired during or after an operation. They are a significant burden to both healthcare facilities and patients, and it is vital that clinicians are aware of the risk factors so they can minimise them.

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Patient BathingPatient Bathing

Patient Bathing

Traditional basin bathing for bedridden patients is commonly practised throughout healthcare facilities, yet there are many disadvantages to this method for patients’ health. Using disposable wipes can be a much better solution.

Operating Theatre Table KitsOperating Theatre Table Kits

Operating Theatre Table Kits

The proper selection of medical textiles is paramount for reducing infections in the operating theatre. Medline has developed all-in-one operating theatre table kits to help reduce theatre turnover time and promote patient safety.

Ventilator Associated Pneumonia PreventionVentilator Associated Pneumonia Prevention

Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Prevention

Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) is the most common infection amongst patients staying in the intensive care unit (ICU). Several techniques and precautions can help patients reduce the risk of developing VAP.

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Sharps SafetySharps Safety

Sharps Safety

Sharp injuries occur when a needle or a blade accidentally penetrates the skin of a member of the staff. These injuries can have considerable risks and must be prevented.

Practising Safe Cold TherapyPractising Safe Cold Therapy

Practising Safe Cold Therapy

Cold therapy works by applying cold to a particular area to reduce the inflammation and swelling. It needs to be practised with caution to avoid contaminated ice. Learn more about cold therapy and its benefits.

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Incontinence-Associated DermatitisIncontinence-Associated Dermatitis

Incontinence-Associated Dermatitis (IAD)

IAD describes skin damage due to exposure to urine or faeces. It is important for healthcare professionals to know how to recognise and prevent IAD. Medline has collaborated with authors Karen Ousey and Louise O’Connor to address this challenging topic.

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Kits de protection de table d'opérationKits de protection de table d'opération

Influence of Biofilms in Wound Healing

Biofilms are groupings of one or more type(s) of microorganisms growing on the surface of a watery environment. Medline has collaborated with Professor Steven Percival to address the issue of biofilms and their role in wound healing.

Pressure Ulcer PreventionPressure Ulcer Prevention

Pressure Ulcer Prevention

It is important for caregivers to understand what may cause pressure ulcers in order to prevent them. An effective prevention programme can help lower mortality rates and the costs of care.

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Clinician Hand CareClinician Hand Care

Clinician Hand Care

To ensure good patient care, healthcare professionals need to follow appropriate hygiene regulations, like frequent handwashing, which can cause skin irritation. It is important to raise awareness amongst the staff on how to improve skin condition and take good care of their hands.

How Advanced Skincare Could Help Improve OutcomesHow Advanced Skincare Could Help Improve Outcomes

How Advanced Skincare Could Help Improve Outcomes

Pour assurer la qualité des soins aux patients, les soignants doivent suivre des règles d’hygiène strictes, comme se laver les mains avant et après tout acte médical, ce qui peut provoquer une irritation cutanée. Il est important de sensibiliser le personnel sur la façon d’améliorer l’état de leur peau et de prendre soin de leurs mains.

Ultrasorbs Case StudyUltrasorbs Case Study

Ultrasorbs Case Study

A recent study conducted by Wounds International in the United Kingdom and Germany showed that Medline’s ULTRASORBS AP Drypad was an effective solution for managing moisture and to increase patient comfort.

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Falls Prevention in HospitalsFalls Prevention in Hospitals

Falls Prevention in Hospitals

Studies show that one in three individuals over the age of 65 will fall each year in the UK. To minimise the cost and consequences of falls, hospitals need to implement and respect high standards and guidelines for patient safety.

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